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Pastoral Care & Career Guidance

Pastoral Care and Career Guidance at Fuhua supports pupils in their development to be confident learner, active contributor and concerned citizen through programmes that:

  • teach core values to build character, innovative and enterprising spirit
  • teach life skills and social emotional competencies
  • create awareness so as to manage their educational pathways and career development
  • support pupils’ specific learning and developmental needs to experience success
  • provide platforms to value achievements of all


Our PCCG Programmes

(A) Guidance Programme @ FHPS

(B) GEMS ALIVE! Form-Teachers Guidance Period

(C) Learning Support Programmes for Literacy,  Numeracy acqusition and  Pupils with Special Needs

(D) Educational and Career Guidance Programme

(E) Pastoral Care Counselling

(F) One-to-One Conferencing

(G) Before and After Student Care Services



(A) Guidance Programme @ FHPS





(B) GEMS ALIVE! Form Teachers Gudance Period (FTGP)


The Fuhua Primary School GEMS FTGP is an integrated programme developed for Form Teachers(FT) and Co-Form teachers(Co-FT) to engage pupils and build stronger rapport with their pupils. In Fuhua, we have integrated the Ministry of Education FTGP Resources for Primary packages and the GEMS ALiVE Character Development package developed by our teachers. 


The GEMS ALIVE! Character Development was designed to support the Character Development programme through the teaching of lifeskills, School Core Values and Social Emotional (SE) Competency.  It also focus on building of positive relationships between FT/ Co-FTs and their pupils through quality interaction time between them, at the same time, equipping pupils with social emotional competencies.


The GEMS FTGP brings together the two frameworks to drive the school vision that each child will experience positive school experiences that support their holistic development to be a lifelong learner, responsible leader and gracious citizen. Lessons are designed to deliver the intended objectives of the learning and application of social emotional competencies based on the Ministry of Education FTGP Resources for Primary packages and to facilitate positive relationships among pupils and teachers. 


The structure of the programme ensures that the intended GEMS ALIVE Character Development objectives of acquisition of lifeskills and the explicit deliberation of school core values are not compromised.  The programme aims to engage form teachers and co-form teachers to build a supportive learning environment to nurture our pupils to be individuals of good character with a strong sense of responsibility and citizenship, ready to face the challenges of society.





(C) Learning Support Programmes for  Literacy and Numeracy Acquistion  (including support for Special Needs Pupils)


There are various programmes that support pupils with learning needs in literacy and numeracy.


1. In-Class Literacy Support:

The Allied Educator aide works in the classroom with the identified pupil under the guidance of the classroom teacher, and the Special Needs Officer when required, assisting the pupil in the learning process and completion of class work.


2. Literacy Support Withdrawal Program:

The Learning Support Coordinators and/or Allied Educator withdraws one or more of the identified pupils to work on their literacy / numeracy development in another learning area. The work may be class work or it may be additional work aimed at remediating any deficiencies or special areas of need.


3. Before and After School Literacy/Numeracy Support Program for Primary 1 and Primary 2:

Targeted students are invited to attend special classes before or after school for additional literacy and numeracy support. This will include the pupils who are already receiving the support indicated above but will include other students referred by staff, parents or the pupils themselves.


4. In Class and Withdrawal Support for Pupils with Special Needs:

Fuhua Primary school provides intensive or specific support for pupils diagnosed with special needs either in a whole class or one-to-one coaching session. These pupils would receive support in many subject areas, social skills and lifeskills as determined by the Special Needs Officer in consultation with teachers and parents. The school also work closely with support staff from community VWOs who are appointed by parents to monitor progress of pupils with disabilities in school.



(D) Educational and Career Guidance Programme

At FuhuaPrimary School, the Education and Career Guidance programme aims to guide pupils to be aware of the different education and career pathways. Pupils will learn that their school experience lead them to a smoother transition to further education and future employment.


Objectives of ECG

  • To harness pupils’ passion to pursue academic and career aspirations that match their interests, abilities and values.
  • To help them make informed choices when they pursue their educational pathways or enter the workforce.
  • To help them explore their dreams, find suitable educational pathways and develop to become confident and motivated individuals who are ready for decisions and transitions in the 21st century.

1. The Approach to Education and Career Guidance Programme:

  • An enhanced school-wide environment. 
  • Teachers and all school staff are positive role models.
  • There are shared and transparent expectations relating to behaviour.
  • Target setting and standards is promoted.
  • School values are promoted to inspire resilience and character development for successful a worklife.


2. Teaching and Learning

  • Pupils are aware of the different education pathways.
  • Promotion of ecareers.sg portal to enable pupils and parents to navigate the educational pathways and career choices.
  • Clear strategic planning, teaching and learning of SEL and life skills to manage growth, change and challenges.
  • Achievement targets are set, planning and assessment practices respond to the needs of the pupils.


 3. Facilitating Transitions

  • The school liaises with pre-schools and secondary schools in the community to ensure smooth transitions, both socially and in terms of programmes content.


ECG curriculum@Fuhua Primary School

  • Eight formal lessons to teach skills and values to equip pupils with lifeskills, socio-emotional competencies and aptitudes for work life.
  • Talks and briefings by secondary schools’ teachers and pupils are provided for P6 pupils moving to secondary school.
  • Pre-school visits are arranged for new entrants and orientation days.
  • Career awareness week which provide pupils to meet outside specialists speakers who will speak about their areas of work and share their experience in educational and career planning.

Career Guidance  Links : ecareers.sg.com



(E) Counselling Support

At Fuhua Primary school,  the counselling services  are organised in a tiered system, beginning with first level intervention by teachers.  If the intervention is unsuccessful or for cases requiring more specialised attention, referral is made by teachers to the Allied Educator (Counselling).


Parents consent would be required and their active partnership  will be sought.  The Allied Educator(Counselling) will also plan specialised guidance programmes for at-risk pupils who need help in the area of social emotional development. Pupils who require  more intense intervention are referred to MOE Guidance Specialists or professional agencies, such as the Child Guidance Clinic.



(F) One-to-One Conferencing Sessions (FT/Co-FT with pupils)


The 1-to-1 conferencing session between teacher and pupil programme focuses on individual pupil development to facilitate bonding and trust building between pupils and teachers, hence strengthening the teacher-pupil relationships. Every pupil will be given time to share with the teacher, in a child-friendly environment. The conferencing session will enable the teacher to have a better understanding of the child, to deliberate on the school core values and lifeskills to nurture character development. Through the sharing, teacher will also build rapport with pupils, track their development and socio-emotional competencies. The programme aims to facilitate holistic development thereby advancing pupils’ quality of school experience.


(G) Student Care Services (Happy Haven)


Happy Haven, our student care centre which was set up in 2011, provides supervised before and after school care for our pupils. The service provider is AMP-MERCU and the centre is situated in the school premise.  Pupils received supervised homework session, supported exams preparation programmes  and are engaged in a wide range of fun-filled activities. There is a structured daily programme to develop pupils’ resilience and target setting aptitude. The centre also designed creative activities during term break which are incorporated holistically with school programmes to develop a child’s physical, intellectual, social, moral and emotional needs.